Saturday, December 17, 2011

I-600A Paperwork

Our I-600A Immigration paperwork was submitted last week to the Department of Homeland Security and today we were notified that our application was received.  We should receive our biometrics appointment notice soon.  We are still getting all of our dossier documentation together, there are quite a few documents so hopefully we can have this piece done in the next few weeks.

We are hoping and praying that by this time next year  we might just have our little one (or maybe two!!) in our arms.  All I can think of as we enter this Christmas season is how joyful I am to be in the midst of this adoption journey and how much fun it will be to have our little one home to see the amazement on their face on Christmas morning.  Plus, I keep seeing adorable little baby items and can’t wait to start buying them to dress our baby up and take adorable little pictures of him or her. 
These are just too cute!

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  1. can't wait to start seeing these adorable little outfits added to your closets... so many fun things for those sweet babies!