Monday, January 28, 2013

Adoption Update

We are still waiting....
It has been awhile since my last update on the adoption and quite honestly my heart hasn't been into posting updates because we haven't had any real positive news to provide.
We thought we would be traveling at the end of December or at the latest in January.  But here we are at the end of January and still no travel dates.
Our little boy's first birthday was in December and let me tell you I never guessed that I would be so incredibly sad to have missed this key milestone in his life.  Everyone, tries to tell us, 'You can celebrate his birthday when he comes home'.  I know they have good intentions but quite honestly, this doesn't make me feel better.  We missed his first birthday, you don't get to make up for it.  Celebrating when he's 15 or 16 months old isn't the same as celebrating his actual birthday.  I do plan on having a party for him when we bring him home but I don't know if it can be considered a birthday party if it is 4 months after the fact.
Right after Thanksgiving we learned that his passport was issued and that we were waiting on his medical exam.  Once the medical exam was complete, an embassy appointment could be made and then we could travel to pick him up.  We told that the medical exam would happen about 2 weeks ago, then we received a call last week saying it has been pushed back a couple weeks and should hopefully happen on January 30th.
Needless to say once we heard the news that we were STILL waiting on a medical exam and that the last 7 weeks have not had any movement, we were devastated.  Our hearts broke.  I've experienced heartbreak before but this was different, my heart literally felt like someone took a hammer to it.  It was and still is the worst pain.  My heart aches for my son.  All I want is to hold him in my arms and hug and kiss him.
It has been a rough week, dealing with the news that we are still in the same place in the process that we were 7 weeks ago.  I'll admit that I've questioned what God's actual plan is for us.  But after a few days of wallowing in my sorrow and many conversations with God, I've realized that His love never fails.  During the last week I feel this message has been pressed upon my heart and the words from the song "One Thing Remains"  has made it apparent that God is still here and with us through this journey.  His love NEVER fails.

Higher than the mountains that I face
Stronger than the power of the grave
Constant through the trial and the change
One thing remains
One thing remains

Your love NEVER fails, never gives up, never runs out on me

We pray with all of our might that our son's medical exam is conducted this week and the attorney delivers the medical report to the embassy as quick as possible.  We have family and friends praying that these final milestones of this process are quick and the people (attorney, doctor, embassy employees, etc) all show favor for our adoption.  We know that God is in complete control of this entire process and pray that God comforts our hearts as we know He is only able to do.
His love NEVER fails, never gives up, never runs out on me

Friday, January 11, 2013

Painting Pottery

For my niece's 6th birthday in December, I told her I would take her, her sister, her mom and my friend Melody for an afternoon of painting pottery.  I'm not an artistic person, although I wish I was!  We had fun painting the little figurines and bowls and then enjoyed cupcakes and presents!
Lila painted a kitty bank, Bella painted a fairy, my sis in law painted a little sheep, Melody painted a little dish and I painted a little giraffe.
I always cherish the time with my nieces and sister in law and wish we lived closer so we could do more things together.

Happy Birthday Lila!

Bella getting started on her fairy

Lila-very intense on her kitty bank


Tracy with her lamb

Painting fun!

Lila's kitty bank

Happy Birthday Lila!  

Time for her present!  
American Girl!!!

Am I the best aunt ever?!

Happy Birthday Lila!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
We had to get away for the long New Year's weekend! With all the Christmas festivities- hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and having out of town friends visiting we decided we needed to get out of town for a few days. Last year, we spent New Year's in Ouray and loved it so we decided at the last minute to see if the Historic Wiesbaden Hotel had availability for the weekend.  Lucky day~they had availability so we headed out Saturday morning.
Gorgeous view coming into Ouray
-9 degrees going through South Park...Burrr!

Our cute little room

On Sunday we took a drive over to Silverton and then decided to go snowmobiling which was a lot of fun.  Of course in the evening we enjoyed the hot springs and vapor cave.  The main thing on our mind the whole weekend was our baby boy...we pray that we get a call soon to bring him home!!
We love you baby boy!

Still waiting....can you tell we are anxious for his arrival?!

Big horn sheep

Time for a little R&R at O'Brien's Pub
The town closes down one of the roads in town and opens it up for sledding, what a blast!
Time for sledding!

Adorable fire station in Ridegeway

Lots of snow!

Time for snowmobiling

Women are better drivers!

Snow angel
Ouray Brewery

After snowmobiling need a few drinks

Ice climbing


Happy New Year!
We had a fabulous time...we plan on making this an annual trip since we've done it 2 years in a row.  Next year our little guy will be in tow!

Happy New Year!