Friday, January 11, 2013

Painting Pottery

For my niece's 6th birthday in December, I told her I would take her, her sister, her mom and my friend Melody for an afternoon of painting pottery.  I'm not an artistic person, although I wish I was!  We had fun painting the little figurines and bowls and then enjoyed cupcakes and presents!
Lila painted a kitty bank, Bella painted a fairy, my sis in law painted a little sheep, Melody painted a little dish and I painted a little giraffe.
I always cherish the time with my nieces and sister in law and wish we lived closer so we could do more things together.

Happy Birthday Lila!

Bella getting started on her fairy

Lila-very intense on her kitty bank


Tracy with her lamb

Painting fun!

Lila's kitty bank

Happy Birthday Lila!  

Time for her present!  
American Girl!!!

Am I the best aunt ever?!

Happy Birthday Lila!

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  1. HELLO! This is Jen. I'd really love to chat with you some time about our adoptions! You commented on my blog? email me? rublejen (at) gmail (dot) com

    :) fun!