Sunday, March 18, 2012

Canvas & Cocktails- Girls Night Out

This past weekend my good friend, Beth and I decided to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  We went to Canvas and Cocktails for a night of painting and sipping tasty adult beverages.  

I was a little reluctant to sign up for a painting class since my artistic ability is next to none but I was told the instructors would walk you through the painting every step of the way.  The evening was a total blast and I want to do it again someday.  The class was laid back, lots of drinks, lots of good music and being around a good friend made for a great night out.  And our paintings turned out pretty good too!  

Below are the pictures from our fabulous night out---and you can even tell what they are!! We definitely need to do this again :)

Reality of Life in the Congo

Dean and I have been watching a series on Daystar television (Christian TV station) called, 'Travel the Road'.  The series is about 2 young missionaries that travel the world spreading the word of Christ.  There is an episode (episode is about 8-9 years old) where the missionaries are traveling through the Sudan and Congo.  The episode is heart wrenching; it brings tears to your eyes, it breaks your heart.  The episode also shows the harsh reality of what we are possibly facing when we travel to the Congo.  We wanted to share an abbreviated version of the video.  We hope that you will pray for the people of the Congo and Sudan that God will bring peace to the people of these nations.