Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Adios 2011, HELLO 2012!  I still cannot believe that 2011 has come to an end.  Just where did the year go?  I feel like it should only be July and here we are ringing in the New Year.  When I was younger I remember hearing all the ‘old’ people (granted at that time anyone over 25 seemed old!) say that as they have gotten older time seems to go by faster.  I remember thinking they were crazy and now I see just much truth there is to it.  Time seems to fly by and I can’t help but feel guilty that all the things I say I will do ‘one of these days’ never seems to happen…instead ‘one of these days’ turns into ‘none of these days’.  I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions because all the things I say I am resolving to do turn into let downs if I don’t accomplish what I have set out to do.  So my thought is if I have no expectations I might just be pleasantly surprised!  I do hope that in 2012 I can spend more time doing things I truly enjoy and not feel like I am married to my job.  I hope that in 2012 we get to bring our son and/or daughter home and I pray that 2012 brings great joy and new adventures. 

To ring in 2012, Dean and I decided to take a mini trip down to Ouray, Colorado.  Ouray is America’s Switzerland.  It is a quaint town set in the picturesque San Juan Mountains.  We headed out on Friday afternoon for the long haul to Ouray.  Things were going swimmingly until we got to South Park (not the TV show but the town the TV show is based on) and just outside of town a semi-truck was overturned due to high winds.  45 minutes later they had the semi on a tow truck and we were finally on our way again. 

We did get to see a beautiful sunset going over Monarch Pass.

After the 7.5 hour drive we finally arrived!  Needless to say we were hungry and very parched.  We made our way to the Ouray Brewery for dinner and drinks.

We had planned on going snowmobiling; however, this part of the state has not received the snowfall that they usually do by this time.  Since the snow wasn’t great we decided to just check out the surrounding areas and town and wait to go snowmobiling for the mountains to get hit with a huge snowstorm.

Then it was time for snow angels!!

Look towards the center of the picture, there is a person climbing up the ice falls

Crazy people climbing the ice falls

Ice Falls Park, more climbing

View on the way to Telluride

Silly Faces

Pool Time

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  1. beautiful area! glad you guys had a great New Years weekend!!