Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tim the Tool Man Watch Out!

We are trying to get a few things around the house done in order to be proactive for the upcoming home study.  Dean worked tirelessly over the last couple weeks to complete the work on the back patio.  We re-landscaped our backyard and put in a brick patio a couple years ago, but the patio settled making parts of it uneven and we needed to complete the steps down to the yard.  So Dean strapped on his tool belt and worked hard to get it completed.  The finished product looks great. 

Next tasks on the Honey Do list- all COMPLETE!
ü  Install a new lighting fixture for the back patio
ü  Install large fire extinguisher
ü  Install new screen door (since Chardonnay our loveable yellow lab decided to push her way through the door to get inside)
ü  Install baby locks on the cabinets where the cleaning supplies and chemicals are housed
ü  Window well covers (ok, we had these professionally installed but Dean could have done it had he had a welder- or so he says!)

She looks guilty doesn't she?  She's the reason why we had to replace our screen door.
I am so thankful I have a husband who is handy around the house…now what else can I find that needs fixed?!


  1. Good job. The patio looks great. Keep up all the hard work.

  2. That's why you get married!! :)

  3. it looks so great! Nice to have those items off you're list I'm sure!