Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's Been Happening?

Whew!  The last month has been really busy.  Where to begin with everything that has happened?
Earlier this month, we took a couple days off for a camping trip with Dean’s sister and her fiancé.  We had a fun time up near the Tin Cup area enjoying a little 4-wheeling and fishing.  We had a nice, relaxing time enjoying time in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  It was great to get away even if it was only for a 4 day weekend. 

At the beginning of August we submitted our paperwork to our home study agency just say there was yet another mountain of paperwork, I actually think we have submitted mountains of paperwork that rival the Rocky Mountains! 

We have also signed up for education courses, set to begin in September.  The state of Colorado requires 24 hours of parental education courses for adoption.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I think we will have our PhD in childcare by the end of this.  Some exciting news is that our we have completed our first 2 home study meetings.  The first entailed going through a lot of information on adoption, why we wanted to adopt, why the DRC, recommendations on what to do additional research on, resources available and then the home inspection.  I think we were super intimidated knowing there would be a home inspection.  Although, we live in a nice, safe, middle class neighborhood with a well taken care of home we were still intimidated by having someone come through and determine if our home environment would be safe enough for a child.  Needless to say, we worried excessively and shouldn’t have.  The inspection went very well and our social worker had no concerns with anything in our home. I have often times been referred to as an over thinker who tries to prepare for the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised with how things went.  Then that same week we had our second home study meeting.  In this meeting, I was interviewed in great detail and then Dean and I were interviewed together as a couple.  Again, this seemed to go fairly well.  It is a bit strange to be asked such personal questions by a stranger, but our social worker is very nice and friendly so it made what could be an uncomfortable process more relaxed.  Up next, our third home study meeting where Dean will be in the hot seat for his interview!  Going through the home study process really starts to make our adoption journey seem more real, it finally feels like we are making some headway in getting the ball rolling.  We continue to pray for the DRC and for the child that God has picked out for us.  We know that everything will happen in HIS perfect timing.


  1. so glad to hear everything went well with the first two home studies!!

  2. Awwww, camping. :) The pups look like they are having a good time!

    a PhD in childcare might be beneficial! Glad it's all moving along perfectly in His timing.

  3. look like having so much fun here.