Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to School?

Our placing agency received our contract and all of the other mountains of paperwork we sent in, so the next step is to complete the education classes required.  I feel like I am back in school…ugh!  At least these courses are online, but I get rather sleepy trying to watch hours upon hours of 2 women talking.  I need something more exciting, perhaps throw in a loud noise like a firecracker to keep me awake or a short break for Angry Birds or a clip from The Office for a change of pace.  This stuff is pretty dry.

It is really amazing to see all of the hoops that adoptive parents have to go through to even be ‘qualified’ to adopt.  Our placing agency requires a certain number of courses to be completed and then the State of Colorado requires an additional 24 hours of classroom time.  By the end of this we should have our doctorate in parenting!
It is crazy to think that there are people out there who can just have babies without a second thought as to how they will afford them, take care of them and parent them. Come to think of it I am actually financially supporting many of these people’s kids through my taxes!
In the end, we know it will be worth it, it is just another step toward our dream of becoming parents.  We know that we will be better parents for taking these courses…they just need something to make it more interesting!

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