Thursday, July 18, 2013

DRC or Bust!

July 17th is the day we boarded the plane for the long journey across the Atlantic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  We left at 5:40 pm MT from Denver and arrived in Kinshasa, DRC on Friday, July 19th at 5:45 pm local time.  We had an evening stay-over in Brussels, which was a nice way to break up the long flight to DRC.

Since our flight didn't leave until the late afternoon we had the morning to relax (I can only recheck everything I packed so many times) before we left for the airport.  Our feelings were still very hard to explain. Dean was nervous wondering if our son will attach quickly, nervous on how the first meeting will go, nervous that we are finally at the end of this LONG journey and what the future would hold.  For me, I still didn't feel like it was real.  I felt like it was a dream, I didn't feel like myself.  Usually, I'm so super anal that I thought I would be all crazy checking things a million times to make sure we had everything and would be real emotional but I was actually pretty calm, cool and collected.  I was super excited but still apprehensive, guarding my heart until we actually had him in our arms.

As you can see we packed very light for the trip (5 bags total, including carryon's).  Our goal was to have everything we needed for us and our son in our carryon bags. We didn't want to have to worry about our luggage getting lost if it was checked.  If anyone is interested I'm happy to email our packing list.

Bag 1: Dean's roller carryon
Bag 2: Ashley's roller carry on (technically, this bag below qualifies as a carry on, but we ended up checking it)
Bag 3: Dean's backpack carryon
Bag 4: Ashley's backpack carryon
Bag 5: Duffle bag-Checked bag, containing orphanage donations

This roller carryon bag contained all of my clothes, all of our son's clothes and our medical supplies

We leave for Dean's parents house so they can drive us to the airport.  We arrive at the airport with lots of time to spare before we take off so we have a late lunch and a couple drinks to calm our nerves!

Time to board the plane!  First stop, Frankfurt, Germany.  Second stop, Brussels, Belgium.  Third stop, Kinshasa, DRC!

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