Sunday, June 5, 2011

God Answers Prayers!

It has been a challenging couple of weeks to say the least. We were being responsible adults getting a vehicle checked before we started the camping season to ensure that it was safe and sound before we embarked on our summer adventures.  The mechanic who worked on the truck made a $2600 mistake (on top of the $700 we paid for the powertrain check) by putting powersteering fluid in the brake line thereby ruining the entire brake system.  As we prepared for our annual Memorial Day camping trip we found out (luckily before we left) that the brake system was completely ruined and needed to be replaced.  $2600 later we finally made it up camping but not without many frustrations and tears for such a major financial set back in the adoption process.  Then this week we noticed a lump on Angel's (one of our yellow labs) leg and had to take her to the vet to get it checked out.  The vet said the lump is suspicious and had to do blood tests to determine if it is the BIG "C".  We are hoping and praying that it isn't but the cost for the tests and then the removal of the lump will be close to $1200-$1400.  Why does it seem that when it rains it pours?? 
We felt devastated by the financial set back, we had planned on submitting our adoption application this month and then in less than a week we were hit with almost $4000 in bills.  I was completely saddened, wondering why this would happen to us.  I could hardly drag myself out of bed yesterday afternoon, yet Dean stayed steadfast in his faith and trust in the Lord knowing that God has provided for us before and would continue again. 
Sunday morning, Dean's parents called and invited us to church and lunch with them.  We went and towards the end of lunch at a small Mexican resturant in Parker they helped make our dreams a reality.  Dean's parents asked a simple question, "How is the adoption process going?", this type of question just about brought me to tears due to the recent events.  We started to tell them that we have hit a few road blocks financially so we would have to put off pursing adoption for the next couple months.  As we started saying this his Mom and Dad presented us with a small, wrapped gift.  Dean urged me to open it, the small box was heavy and I tore the gold ribbon off of the silver, floral wrapping paper unwrapping a small box.  As I opened the small box there were 10 gold coins, each equating to 1 ounce of gold, worth a total of close to $16,000.  Tears flowed from our eyes as our dream of adoption was becoming a reality.  Our family had felt God touch their hearts on our desire for adoption and felt God lead them to help us make that dream a reality and help an orphan across the ocean have a forever family.  We are so blessed!! 
After lunch, we came home and completed our application we will be submitting the application to Little Miracles this week!!  Praise God for answering prayers.


  1. Ash I didn't even know you started a blog...again ;) What a beautiful story and testament to HIS provision. Can't wait to read more as you journey through this!

  2. I think your blog looks great! :) excited to see your journey through all of this...