Monday, October 15, 2012

Care Package

We received a note from our agency that a family that would be traveling to the Congo had room for a small gift which they would give to the attorney to pass along to our little guy.  We were thrilled and put together something very quick.
My friend Melody ( had given me a little kids baby book before she moved to Alaska.  When our agency said we could send something small and personal this immediately came to mind because you can add pictures to the book for the baby to look at.  We put 5 pictures in the  soft book hoping that he will start to recognize us.  We also bought him a safety blankie, hoping that he will find comfort with it.  It was really special for us to be able to send this package to him and we thank the family that made room in their luggage so this could happen.  This is the first care package we have been able to provide to him.  We hope he knows how much he is loved!

Something cuddly

Ready to mail the care package!

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